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Super tips for Super Follows from creators like you

Super Follows, launched to select Creators earlier this year, lets people support the accounts they love to follow with a monthly subscription for extra access and content. While the option to offer Super Follows is only open to a small group of Creators in the US at the moment, fans and followers all over the world can sign up to support them right now.* Rest assured, we’re working on expanding Super Follows, and we’ll continue to roll out updates. In the meantime, hear from some of the Creators who have had the chance to play with the feature, and the tips and insights into their strategies, which could help you.


When you offer a Super Follows subscription, it’s a chance for you to connect even further with your biggest supporters, all while earning monthly revenue without leaving Twitter. You can share extra content, feel free to be your real self, and easily identify and interact with your people who already love your Tweets.

From Tweeting about your daily life to offering personalized services, your approach to Super Follows is an experience that is as customizable as your handle. With all that freedom, you might be questioning where or how to start — but never fear, here are four Creators with advice for getting started, keeping up the effort, and how to maximize your Super Follows know-how.


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Setting the strategy

When you’re deciding how and what to offer your potential Super Followers, think about why people are currently following you and what they already love to engage with. Take it from Anthony Osuna, founder and voice of Pavlov the Corgi, “When we first [started] our Super Follows account, we created a menu of things we could offer. We considered what would be valuable to our audience beyond what we typically share for free ... [But over time], we found that our Super Followers didn't necessarily expect anything incredibly new or different. They wanted an expansion of what we were already offering.” 

The themes that come up from Creators who have been using Super Follows since the launch include:

  • Behind the scenes or extended content (think extra photos from photo shoots, bloopers, a deeper dive into a hot topic)
  • 1:1 consultations or conversations about your expertise/tools 
  • Priority, first look, or sneak peek at content
  • Regular Q&As 
  • Insider resources or industry takes you might not share with your regular audience

Whatever you decide to offer your Super Followers, remember that it’s a way for you to connect with your audience even more, right on their Twitter timeline. As Michaela Okland put it, “Super Follows is by far the best [platform] because it’s the easiest way to communicate with [my] people. They don't have to leave the app, it's all in one place.”

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The price that's right

You can pick from three subscription price points for your Super Followers: $2.99, $4.99, $9.99. Choosing the right price point for your audience demographic is important to your success. In addition, your goals, effort expectations, and strategy should factor in. 

According to beauty and skincare Creator, Tiara Willis, “I want skincare to be as accessible as possible. That's my whole brand … I remember being a teenager on social media; the advice on YouTube was just terrible and made my skin worse. Looking back, I wish there was someone like me available. That's why I chose the $2.99 option so that it's a lot more accessible for people.”

This is just one approach, though — the most important part is that you ask yourself what is right for you and your followers. As Osuna put it, “At the end of the day, it came down to thinking about, what's the opportunity cost? What are the pros and cons of $9.99? How much can I actually offer? And, if we have more access to this and a larger audience in the future, how much can we engage with them?” If you plan on putting a high level of effort into your Super Follower content or have a high-value offering, feel free to set your price point accordingly.

As a Creator, you might wonder, “Why would someone pay for something I’m already giving them for free?” The answer is simpler than you might imagine: They want to support you (and maybe get some behind-the-scenes extras along the way).

Letting your audience know

Once you set a rough idea of your strategy and decide on your price point, it’s time to start telling your audience about your latest offerings. Since Super Follows is new to Twitter, this might take some explanation and experimentation. Here are some suggestions on how to approach this part of the process from Creators who’ve done it:

  • Pinned Tweet or Thread: Write a brief summary of what your Super Followers can expect from the community you’re creating, and tell them what it means to support you in this way. 
  • Regular updates: Show your audience what you’re doing on Super Follows with screenshots or teasers about upcoming content.
  • Share reviews: If your community is raving about being your Super Follower, Retweet, Retweet, and Retweet again! Show your appreciation for the community you’re building, and they’ll show you the love back.
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Okland also speaks to the fact that your continued efforts are not lost on your audience. “When [Creators] start something like a Super Follow account, they think most of the people who want to show their support are going to do it on day one. But, if five people Super Follow you then, that means 100 other people are interested. You just have to keep showing them that you're creating content and other people enjoy it. Continue to allude to it because you're not going to get the majority of your audience in the beginning.”

Keeping it up

Most Creators admit that the cadence of content is the trickiest part of having a Super Follows account. The question is: How does your content change if and when someone is paying for it? There can often feel added pressure to produce. However, the Creators on Super Follows have found that their communities are not only supportive of their content but also supportive of the people behind the accounts themselves. Willis reminds us, “Do what you say you're going to do and try your best, but if you’re getting a negative response, remember that they can just unsubscribe. You do owe people the service you said you would give, but you don't owe them your sanity.”

Astrologer Tess Lee of Astrogrlz recommends leaning on the community you’ve built if you hit a wall on ideas or content. “I check in with my Super Followers and ask, ‘What do you guys want to see?’ ‘What are some things in astrology that you want to learn?’ ‘What are you dying to know about?’” she says. “Checking in with each other expands my ideas.”

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A place for community

Speaking of community, that seems to be a major draw for the folks who choose to be Super Follow Creators. Anthony again, to help us frame it: “I approach Super Follows, not like I'm selling candy, but like I'm selling a gym membership. You want to make sure they come back next week and work out and pay you again the next month and the next month. You're creating a culture; you're creating a community. The income helps incentivize you to do it, but just remember that you're building relationships.”

By spending extra time online with people who have shown their support for your content and who are interested in your output, you’re naturally going to form closer connections. Creators like Willis and Okla, who deal with more personal or private content, have found that Super Follows allows for more openness between them and their audience. 

“I feel safer Tweeting to my Super Followers,” Okla says. “Having that private area on Twitter where people can feel comfortable communicating and I can give personalized advice to help is definitely one of the best things.”

And Willis agrees. “When it comes to skincare, people can be apprehensive about posting pictures of their skin on the internet,” she says. “Super Follows allows people to be more vulnerable because it's a smaller group of people. Then, it's easier for me to offer advice.”

When your audience is engaged and looking for even more content from you, Super Follows is a chance to offer them a space for extras and personalized access in exchange for their support. It’s the cherry on top of their timeline (and yours!) 


*Super Follows is currently available to group of Creators in the US (iOS only). Their followers, in any country, can subscribe on both iOS and Android.

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