Go behind the scenes with athletes + other sports personalities

It’s not enough to be a star on the field or the court; your fans want to get to know you as person as well as an athlete.

Your brand extends far beyond competition, and Twitter offers an incredible opportunity to tell your own narrative in real time. What motivates you? What frustrates you? What do you like to do when you’re not playing? Twitter lets you show the world what you’re like when the game is over.

Sharing your everyday routines, experiences, and spontaneous commentary gives fans a glimpse behind the scenes, allowing them to relate to you on a personal level.

Here are a few #protips:

  • Be yourself, have fun, do you. 
  • Share only what you’re comfortable sharing. 
  • Don’t forget the small stuff. From your favorite bowl of cereal to your sneaker closet to photos from your family vacation, seemingly insignificant topics can be a huge hit with your audience. 
  • You can carefully plan and promote each behind-the-scenes post or be spontaneous – it’s totally up to you.


So how do you let fans into your world?

Are you watching another game? Your favorite show? Tweet your commentary as the real-time conversations are happening.

This gives your audience an inside look at your thoughts on particular subjects, events, and conversations.

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What are you doing right now? Show us!

Simple: Just click the live button at the bottom when you compose a Tweet.

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Shoot a video and share up to two minutes and 20 seconds of awesomeness.

You can even see how many views you’re getting within the Tweet.

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