How to promote your tour on Twitter

Use Twitter to drive ticket sales and spur interest in upcoming tour dates.

Let Twitter be your virtual concert promoter. Musicians on the road can use it to alert fans of upcoming shows, offer ticket giveaways, solicit song requests, and share backstage photos – all with just a few taps on their phone. Twitter allows bands to connect directly with their most fervent fans and expose their music to new listeners.


Share tour information with your fans.

Use an image from your tour promotional assets to share concert locations, dates, and any details for purchasing tickets.

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Announce who will be joining you on tour.

Encourage your fellow musicians or bandmates to Tweet about their involvement as well.


Ask fans what songs they want you to play during your concert.

Tweet about an upcoming show or tour and let followers put in a request. For deeper engagement with fans, try using Twitter’s newly launched polls with media, which allow polls to be enhanced with natively uploaded video.

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Tweet in multiple languages.

Music is a language that knows no borders. But if you only use English (or any other native tongue) to promote your band’s work on Twitter, you’re leaving potential fans in the dark. Tweeting in multiple languages can help expand your reach, especially if you’re touring abroad, and introduce your work to new audiences.

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Give away tickets.

Give out last-minute tickets on Twitter. Have fans share their name in a Tweet and select a few lucky fans to add to the guestlist.


Use Twitter Polls for set list suggestions.

Get set list suggestions by posting a poll before the show and ask fans to voice their opinions on what songs you should play.

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Go live!

Show off your dressing room, perform a few songs from soundcheck, or tease new music as you’re creating it in the studio. Going Live on Twitter is an easy way to let fans open a window into your creative process.

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Surprise your fans with a Direct Message.

Send your most loyal and enthusiastic fans a Direct Message. You can just say hello, or offer them exclusive info on tour dates, track listings, or anything else you have going on. We encourage you to reach out to fans organically within the Twitter Direct Messages.


Host a Twitter Q&A before a big show.

Using a specific hashtag to help organize questions, let your fans know you are doing a Q&A prior to a big concert or festival.

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Share your gratitude for a great night with photos after the show is over.

Working with a photographer to capture the great moments from the evening? Tweet the images (with the photographer’s permission and appropriate credit), to share the highlights with followers who missed the show and get them stoked for the next concert.


Retweet with comment a fan’s question so your followers can follow along.

Show fans that you’re listening to what they have to say by liking or responding to their reactions.

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