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Using video Q&As to promote your next movie

Generate interest and anticipation for upcoming movie releases and other events by hosting Q&A sessions on Twitter.

Nothing breaks down barriers between celebrities and their fans like a conversation on Twitter. Hosting video Q&As is easy to do, and gets fans excited and talking about your upcoming release. It’s also a great way to get them comfortable using hashtags in their Tweets.

Start by announcing when the Q&A session will take place

Include a hashtag your fans should use so you can see their questions. If you can include a photo or video with your announcement, even better.

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Alert your fans that the Q&A session is about to begin

Remember to promote the session again right before it starts, to spark more interest and get those last few questions submitted.

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Start the Q&A session with a video

Kicking off the session with a video increases engagement and reminds fans this is going to be a real- time Q&A session. Be sure to remind your followers which hashtag you want them to use.

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Host the Q&A session from multiple accounts, if possible

Involving multiple personalities and using each person’s account to host the Q&A increases the number of potential followers for each session. Double the fans, double the engagement.

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Answer questions from friends and colleagues

Encourage your colleagues to participate in your Q&As, and do the same for theirs. It’s always fun when celebrity friends and co-stars weigh in on the session.

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End the session with a “thank you”

Be sure to wrap up the session and thank all your fans for participating. This offers another opportunity to promote your upcoming release.

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