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Share your reaction to award season nominations

Share your previous year’s success with your fans this award season.

Award season nominations can be an event to remember. Actors, actresses, directors, and official film accounts all took to Twitter to share their feelings and reactions to the nominations.

Use a GIF to share your feelings

The GIF library can be a great way to share your reactions when you’re at a loss for words.

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Share your joy with the person or group you’re celebrating with

Mentioning another person’s username will trigger a notification and encourage them to respond.

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Congratulate your favorites on their accomplishments

By including usernames and the appropriate trending hashtags, your Tweet will be seen by the recipients and others who are interested in the conversation.

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Use video to share your natural reaction

Being authentic with your followers means even sharing your cry face.

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Share your honest opinion

Twitter is a great place to discuss your viewpoint on award season nominations. Fans are interested to hear your thoughts and participate in the conversation.

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Share the love

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Have fun!

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