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Use Twitter to promote live musical specials on TV

Going live with a musical on broadcast television is no small feat. Use Twitter to drive awareness and excitement for the live airing.

With a gifted cast and amped-up audience, a live musical on broadcast television is an event to remember. Let Twitter complement your live show by helping create buzz.

Share your excitement for the upcoming broadcast

Let followers know when the show is airing and how much you are looking forward to it.

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Include your press tour leading up to the show

Fans love to see interviews prior to a premiere.

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Publicize first looks at some of the characters

Photos in full costume excite fans for what’s to come.

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Share photos or videos from the rehearsals

Fans love to see the behind-the-scenes action. Treat them to some photos from rehearsals.

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Announce when the show starts

Let your fans know that the show is starting and that it’s time to tune in.

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Share your reactions to the show

Tweet your thoughts and support while you’re watching (especially if you’re married to the show’s star).

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Alert the west coast about the show start

Let viewers in other time zones know that their airing is about to begin.

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Thank your costars after the show on Twitter

Share your gratitude with your fellow castmates.

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Create a recap for those who missed the airing with Moments

A Moment is a great way to share all of the must-see scenes after the show is over. It’s also a great way to get people who missed the show to go back and see the highlights, or for fans to enjoy them again.

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