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Creators are ahead of the curve when it comes to viral trends and impactful cultural moments — they foster meaningful connections that resonate with audiences across the globe. Notifications On showcases the best and brightest creators on Twitter. For this edition, in celebration of Women’s History Month and ahead of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, we’re talking to Milk, the self-taught astrologer who found fame on Twitter.

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Long story short, I made a Twitter thread about astrology, shouting into the void, and ended up getting actual, real-life attention. Back then there were few people involved with #AstrologyTwitter or there wasn’t anyone younger, I guess — there wasn't a culture for it.


I was always seen as the crazy astrology lady at work. 2014 was the first time I actually discovered the natal wheel, before that I knew about sun signs, and I didn't know that there was much else. I started researching a lot, and then 2017 was when I just shouted some information online. The only other platform that had the Milkstrology name was Tumblr. I kept to myself, but I would post there and mostly reblog there, so that's why I thought of the name Milkstrology, because I was like, “Well, that's my URL on Tumblr.” I wasn't thinking about what my brand should be — not that that's trivial — I just wasn't thinking about that stuff. When people [began responding] I was like, “Why is this happening?” [laughs]

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I feel like Twitter is the ultimate ideal platform for everyone, because it's easy to consume but it's also at your pace. You can have full control over how you digest and consume the information. Being able to make threads, that was really what jump-started a lot of people being able to interact with me and what [I became] famous for. Polls are also really cool because I have a Libra Venus, meaning I very much want to know everyone's feedback about things before I do it, so having everyone collectively be able to vote helps me know what to make. 


I wasn't looking for an audience and when it happened it was overwhelming, but you have to learn that people want to connect with you, they want to know about you, so you have to give them the respect and be ready to be 100% authentic with them. People don't want to buy what you're selling if you don't even believe in what you're selling, not that you need to sell anything. I follow people on TikTok who talk about mechanics. I don't even care about any of that, but because they're so passionate it's fun to see how excited they get — it makes me want to follow them.

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My dad’s Filipino and my mom’s Persian. When I was younger I don't think I saw anyone in the spotlight like that. I do feel like my platform is a huge responsibility because I look very white, and I think especially when you look white or have the literal skin tone of white, it would be a huge disservice to have a platform has that much privilege, and then not use it to help marginalized or more oppressed people, especially Black people. 


[This year] I’m planning on altering my reading times so that I can focus more on Twitter and Patreon, so I can put more content out there and be better at being accessible for people. Twitter is the main source [for readings]. Literally last night my boyfriend was just telling me I should ask people how they heard of me, and I’m like, “Twitter.”

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I have read some celebrities’ charts before, but I like to keep it private. One thing that I was really starstruck about recently was Dounia following me — I was really excited about that. More recently, a community-led project I’ve actually been really inspired by is @mercurysbrood, which is an astro anthology project in the works being led by Black LGBTQ+ creators.


Do the thing that you love the most, because I did not think that this could be a career for me one day. I didn't think me Tweeting could end up being so opportunistic and fulfilling for me. So if you are doing something and you love it and you want to share it with people, people will love that you love it. So just keep doing it and don't doubt yourself.

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