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Creators are ahead of the curve when it comes to viral trends and impactful cultural moments — they foster meaningful connections that resonate with audiences across the globe. Notifications On showcases the best and brightest creators on Twitter. For this edition, we’re talking to tarot reader Angie Gardner, a.k.a. @teaxtarot, about how to Tweet authentically and what tarot card Twitter embodies.

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I’ve always been on Twitter and I got into content creation on accident, really. My first approach was to just Tweet what thoughts first come to mind, but then during the pandemic, I upped my game and started seeing my Tweets about spirituality go viral. I was having fun with astrology and tarot. It wasn’t an intention to create a business, but I started doing tarot readings and built an audience and now it’s a creative thing. 

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I’m an Aries rising, Capricorn moon, and Sagittarius sun so my approach is a mix of, haha nothing matters, Tweet what you want but then at the end of the day, my Capricorn brain whispers, you can make money out of it. So, as people got to know me, I started booking readings when they asked for them. I think that people wanted to book with me because they could see that they could trust me from my content. That is something that’s really special about Twitter — you can see what people like and interact with, what they’re authentic thoughts are, and not some curated version of their lives. 


The transition between Tweeting whatever comes to mind to the mindset of, this is my life now, was so weird. I encountered thoughts while starting out that said, nobody wanted to hear what I had to say, that there were thousands of influencers and astrologers who already exist on [Twitter]. I found myself asking, What do I have to bring? But what I learned was that people DO want to hear what you have to say. And, if they like what you have to say, they’re willing to pay for it. 

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One of the coolest things about the connections I’ve made is getting DMs months later from people I’ve given readings to that say I’ve helped them believe in themselves. You never think, I’m going to Tweet ‘Virgos can’t relax,’ and then the next second you’ve changed a life. And it’s just a normal Sunday morning and I get to wake up to that. It’s so wild. 


Twitter is the backbone of digital culture. Everything on all the other apps is just recycled from Twitter. It’s also the most casual platform because on other platforms, people with massive followings won’t see comments or pay attention to DMs, but I could Tweet at someone famous and there’s actually a good chance they might see it. People can Tweet one thing and their whole lives can change.

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I also think that Twitter is the most creator-friendly app because there’s no real algorithm to who sees what. If someone Retweets your Tweet, then someone else is going to see it and there’s a good chance that that person will want that content. We build community that way. And Twitter is one of the funniest places really. I think if Twitter were a tarot card, it would be a mix of the star and the fool because it’s community-based, but it’s also just goofy. It can be both.

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For me, though, I don’t think you can go into content thinking that something IS going to go viral. It’s some sort of energy thing, people can see through it. It’s honestly so corny, but you have to share authentically and have the intention to connect with people behind that sharing. For example, I do a lot of polls but not to gauge for interest in content (maybe, though, that’s because I’m an Aries rising and I’m just going to do what I want anyway). Polls are just fun for me and I love the engagement they get because people don’t always reply if you ask a question, but they’ll vote on a Poll. 


I like my own social media to be fun and funny, so I follow a lot of accounts like Brianna Ash, Déjà The Jovian, and caro, whose content is like me in a sense. Honestly, the majority of the accounts I follow aren’t spirituality-related because, if it’s funny, I like it.

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For creators who are just starting out, I’d say to not listen to that voice that says that nobody cares what you have to say. Your personality is unique and people follow you for your personality. You bring so much value and you have to believe it and believe in yourself.

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