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Creators are ahead of the curve when it comes to viral trends and impactful cultural moments — they foster meaningful connections that resonate with audiences across the globe. Notifications On showcases the best and brightest Creators on Twitter. For this edition, pop culture fiend Emily Uribe talks red carpet moments, being a fan first, and why she’s a ride-or-die for Twitter Circle. 

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I'm a fan first, Tweeter second. I ran a fan account before I ever had the audience I do now, and the fandoms that I was a part of are now  a fan base for me, which is really strange to think about. It's very meta.


The main thing I'm talking about right now on Twitter is Harry [Styles], Marvel, all of that great stuff. Twitter gives me more space to talk about things passionately and openly, where I feel like as with other platforms, I'm not allowed to do that because subjects roll by so quickly. It’s also been a lot easier to find and make friends so when I see those communities build up, I know that I'm fully a part of them, not just like a small increment of them. 

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There are so many different sections of #FilmTwitter alone — there's niches for everyone to join. I love talking about big releases, especially when there’s a huge ensemble cast. There's a lot going on all the time to talk about, so it's just fun to pick and choose which ones [to Tweet about], and it's been really awesome to see communities unite, specifically for a release like Babylon, where the lead is going to be someone Hispanic, or Black Panther, where the Black community is really coming together.

All the news comes at you in real time. I think it takes a long time to get to other platforms, but with Twitter, everything happens all at once, and it could go on for days, and you’ll always be up to date, no matter what your timeline looks like. Anything I don’t say on main goes on Twitter Circle, no matter what, and if I was ever exposed, it would be so bad [laughs]. That’s been really fun to use with mutuals, a lot of pop culture people — like, Zae is in my Twitter Circle — but yeah, that’s probably my favorite Twitter feature ever, thank you for that.

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This new career path has been really fulfilling, because joining the internet when you're so young, I don't think you expect to get anything out of it. I've been on social media since I was, like, 12 or 13. I ran fan accounts for One Direction and things that I love, so I've always been on most platforms in any scale that I could be, but these past few years have probably been the most rewarding. Getting the [Oscars] correspondent job was purely luck, I had no idea that it was something that was going to ever happen for me. I want to do acting, correspondent work, work in comedy or writing, so to finally be in the room where it all happens and meet people that I love, like the Russo brothers or Timothée Chalamet, is really cool.


The first time I stepped foot on a real set was so special. I did a show called Chicken Girls College Years, and it was just crazy to hear, “that’s a wrap for Emily,” at the end of the season. I really hope to continue with the show and expand my horizons. I'm working with coaches and really trying to build a reel and a portfolio for myself, and I’m also hoping to work on some music. So that’s what’s going on for me this year, going into next year, and hopefully forever.


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One of my favorite creators is @itsnotjess123. She’s really cool, loves pop culture, and talks about film a lot. My friend Grace as well, Grace is awesome. We’re both Harry [Styles] fans. I love her … also a High Fashion Twitter account I love is @itgirlenergy. I love learning about clothes. The main way I’ve learned about a lot of fashion brands has been through Twitter, just because that’s where everyone is openly talking about designers and creative directors, and film, too. I feel like I’ve learned more about film on Twitter than I would in a class. 


You can't be too cool on a platform like Twitter. When I see accounts try to be so cool and mysterious, like, that’s fun, but I think that’s more for other platforms. Twitter is where you can be yourself, don’t try to be someone you’re not. The more you’re authentic and say what you think and put your opinions, the more people will gravitate towards you. Just start talking.

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