Conversation Insights tool for publishers

Twitter is the platform for public conversation. Ideally, publishers will know when that conversation includes them, understand what is being said, and use that knowledge to inform their content strategy. That's where Conversation Insights, our second Publisher Insight tool, comes into play.

Conversation Insights finds and displays Tweets that you might ordinarily miss, thanks to our content listening tools that go beyond mentions and hashtags. The dashboard is customizable, allowing you to discover what people are saying about you minute by minute over time. You can use this knowledge to join and even mold the conversation with timely and relevant content.

Media Studio users with more than 1,000 followers will be able to access Conversation Insights via a new page housed under the “Insights” tab. The tool’s features include:

  • An interactive graph that displays how many Tweets there are about you
  • Lists of the top accounts talking about you or engaging with your content, filtered by follower count or frequency
  • A timeline of Tweets about you that can be filtered by follower and engagement thresholds, language, Tweet format, and verification status

In the future, publishers will be able to engage with Tweets, share them, or even reply directly from the Conversation Insights page.

Go ahead and check out Conversation Insights here. Use the new data available to you to identify opportunities for interaction with your audience, influence your publishing strategy, and contextualize your place in the Twitterverse.