Drive conversation and tune-in with broadcast scheduling

Today, we’re excited to announce a new broadcast scheduling feature in Media Studio, which allows you to plan ahead for your production team, capture viewers’ attention before your content goes live, and help more of them tune in as soon as it does. 

With broadcast scheduling, you can give audiences a wider window of time to discover your content. That increased discovery can translate into a larger viewership and grow your content’s potential to spur both engagement and revenue for your brand.

Twitter has always been the place for real-time content and conversation. With broadcast scheduling in Media Studio, we’re taking our dedication to live content one step further by allowing your audience to see your broadcast the instant it happens, without missing a moment.


How to schedule a broadcast

1. Create a broadcast in Media Studio’s Producer and specify a start time.

2. Upload a slate to show audiences before your broadcast goes live.

3. Tweet a link to your broadcast, which is in its pre-live state and includes the slate, title, description, and start time.

4. Once the broadcast goes live, the scheduled broadcast card transitions to the live state, and the live broadcast plays back.

5. Once the broadcast ends, the replay of the broadcast will continue to play back within the card.