3 of the top 5 most listened-to Twitter Spaces are by K-pop artists

K-pop fans come to Twitter to talk about what’s happening. While K-pop fans already flock to Twitter for their favorite artists’ Tweets, Twitter Spaces now gives fans a way to listen to their favorite artists’ voices, live. Joining K-pop artists’ live audio conversations brings them to life in a completely new way and helps fans to feel closer to their favorites.

Fans of artists including NCTTWICEBamBamLOONA, and MonstaX, among many others, have been able to listen to their favorite acts in Spaces.

Graphic of the Worldwide Top 5 Twitter Spaces - H1 2021

Worldwide Top 5 Twitter Spaces (Jan 1~June 30, 2021

So far this year, three of the top five Spaces with the most listeners in the world have included K-pop artists:

GOT7 BamBam set the record for the most listened-to Space since launch, with his Space on June 9th. BamBam’s Space was noteworthy for including an interactive Q&A with fans.

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NCT was the first K-pop artist to host a Space, and set the record for the most listened-to Space before Spaces launched to the public. NCT’s Space also generated the most Liked Tweet for a live Space, despite Spaces still being in beta at the time, on March 11th. NCT 127NCT DREAM, and WayV also joined NCT’s Space as Speakers.

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TWICE was the first K-pop girl group to host a Space and connect with their fans, when they led an after-party after the premiere live-streaming of ‘Taste of Love’ on June 9th.

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Other notable firsts:

As more and more artists continue to use Twitter Spaces, fans have a chance to join artists’ Spaces as they set noteworthy firsts for K-pop artists in Spaces. In addition to the firsts set by the above artists, other firsts include Sandara Park becoming the first K-pop artist to join a Space as a Speaker, hosting an interactive Q&A with fans on March 8th. 

#KCON:TACT became the first series of K-pop talk shows on Spaces, as KCON established Spaces featuring K-pop artist pairings, including ONF and ONEUS, and SF9 and P1Harmony, to talk about KCON events.

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K-pop artists have long used #TwitterBlueroom to connect with their fans via live stream Q&As, and now artists are using Spaces in tandem with #TwitterBlueroom to make their live connections with their fans even stronger. ENHYPEN started a Space immediately before going live on #TwitterBlueroom, giving fans who were waiting for the Blueroom a fun way to connect with the group. ASTRO used Spaces as an after-party instead, starting a Space after the Blueroom finished, for a quick surprise to delight their fans.

The next wave of K-pop artists can be found on Spaces, too. As Twitter’s recent research, K-pop Generations Analysis by Twitter Usage, shows, K-pop artists are now utilizing Twitter before their debuts to drive excitement and gain fans, like new K-pop boy group, JUST B, which arrived on the scene in June 2021. JUST B launched their Twitter handle in advance on May 21st, utilizing Twitter Spaces as the first time that the world heard its members’ voices, delighting fans.

Beyond K-pop

Other parts of K-culture see the benefits of Twitter Spaces, too. Cine21, one of the most influential film magazines in Korea, hosted a Space for six prominent movie journalists for this year’s #Oscars, with journalists sharing their predictions and analysis live, as well as discussing major moments like ‘Minari’ star Yuh-Jung Youn’s win. 

In another K-culture Space, before the #TwitterBlueroom live-streaming for the K-movie ‘The Book of Fish’, actors Seol Gyeong-gu and Byun Yo-han joined film director Lee Joon-ik in Twitter Space to drive up excitement. Hip Hop artist Simon Dominic and popular webtoonist Jongbeom Lee are among others that have had conversations with fans on Spaces.

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K-pop fans also have used Spaces proactively to connect with fellow fans, share their stories, and show support for their favorite artists. 

Spaces is where live audio conversations happen, and it’s just getting started, meaning that fans can look forward to even more of their favorite K-pop, K-movie, and K-drama stars experimenting with new ways to connect via Spaces.

For more K-pop conversations, check out #KpopTwitter.

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