Creator Insiders

Creator Insiders is a research community exclusive to creators on Twitter. The goal is for Twitter to better understand creator needs and, ultimately, be a better partner in elevating creators and their content. Community members create content across a spectrum of topics, but they all have one thing in common: A desire for genuine, meaningful, and lasting opportunities — many of which they use Twitter to find. 

Since its launch last summer, the community has grown to over 230 creators in the US and UK who specialize in a wide variety of industries, such as opinion and commentary, lifestyle, tech, and gaming. We have already conducted several Creator Insider studies for internal teams, which helped shed light on creator identities, goals, and expectations, as well as approaches to brand partnerships.

These studies revealed around 80% of current* Creator Insiders believe that Twitter helps them reach their goals. Going into 2022, members of the community have set ambitious goals for themselves. From growing newsletter readership to creating more digital products (NFTs) to earning more paid partnerships, the creators are already working toward a successful year of content creation.

What’s in it for you?

  • Inside scoop: Be in the know about what’s new from our research team.

  • Rewards: Give feedback and get Twitter swag (plus even more perks).

  • Community: Connect with other creators with access to a members-only hub.


Here’s what Creator Insiders like you are saying about why they signed up:

“[To get] advice and information on how to best grow and engage with my audience, sneak peeks at upcoming features, and maybe first dibs, even with my small audience!” - María Hammonds, Food

"I love the opportunity of having a positive impact on Twitter itself. I would love to be able to use this opportunity to be able to grow my brand and establish myself as a notable creator in the spaces I've chosen to be a part of.” - BobDuckNWeave, Creator

“I would love to be able to use my voice to help make changes and bridge the gap between creators and finding new audiences.” - Em Harriss, Travel

“To make even more meaningful relationships, expand my following and platform, and make meaningful changes within the industry.” - Hajar Mohammad, Beauty

“I'm looking forward to talking with other Twitter creators, hearing about their experiences and perspectives, and how that can make Twitter a better place.” - Steve Luvender, Sports


What’s next?

Over the last several months, Creator Insiders have shared their input, followed and supported each other’s work, and received some Twitter swag along the way.  

We’re looking forward to growing the Creator Insiders panel and expanding to more countries in the coming months. If you are a creator and are interested in joining, what are you waiting for?

*As of March 10, 2022

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