Say hello to Twitter Create

Hello, and welcome to the brand new Twitter Create, the destination that helps professional content creators get the most out of Twitter.


This site (and accompanying handle and newsletter) first launched in summer 2018, and for the last four years we’ve served up product guides, case studies, and interviews with the social media experts that make Twitter so, well, Twitter. This year, the time felt right to freshen up our look and make some major site improvements, to create a better experience for you, and serve a broader range of audiences. 


So what’s changed? First up, the name. “Create” aligns with what people like you are trying to achieve on Twitter, and we want to empower you to shape the culture as a professional content creator, whether you’re a social media manager, a journalist, a thought leader, or a creator


In addition to the name change, we’ve also expanded the number of industries we serve, branching out to include writers, podcasters, gaming, and nonprofits. For the first time, we’ve also grouped content together by a specific goal that we know professional content creators care about, launching with goals for relevance, monetization, and engagement, with more goals to follow in the future.


Twitter has become so much more than Tweets, which is why we’ve also expanded and enhanced the products area of the site, introducing educational hubs — hi, Twitter Spaces — and how-to guides to help you get the most out of all the features and products available to you.


If you're a long-time visitor, we hope you like the new improvements, and for new visitors, take a look around and get ready to harness the art + science of using Twitter to fuel your next big idea.

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