Moments are curated stories about what’s happening around the world, powered by Tweets.

They’re an effective way to tell a big story or a smaller, more intimate one. But the best techniques for creating memorable Moments depend on whether you’re breaking news, sharing entertainment gossip, capturing sports highlights, or weaving other forms of narrative.


Include Tweets from multiple sources.


Build a story that goes deeper than 280 characters.


Stand out on the timeline by adding an eye-catching header image.

Features & functionality


Easy to build

Moments can be made on by navigating to More and then Moments (look for the little lightning symbol). Moments can be public or private, and Tweets can be dragged into place and moved around using your cursor. You can give your Moment a title, description, and header image, to help it stand out from the crowd.

Laptop screen of moments editing pop up

Include different sources

 It’s easy to find the Tweets you want to include in a Moment. Choose from Tweets you’ve liked, Tweets by account, through Twitter Search, or by Collection. You can also enter a Tweet URL. Adding Tweets other than your own can bring a different perspective to the story you're trying to tell.

Laptop screen of moments product UI

Analyze performance

Understand how engaging your Moment is by viewing Moment Activity. From here, you can see how many times your Moment has been viewed, the number of unique views, the completion rate, and how many times your Moment has been shared on Twitter. Tweeting a link to your Moment will give it greater visibility, and you can pin a Tweet to your profile if you want more people to see it. 

Laptop screen of moment maker pop up window



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